nukidesu said: ahm.. it says error: not found whenever i tried playing it.. what should i do? thanks!

I have no idea why it says error but you should be able to play this ↑↑↑

I will be taking it down by Friday.

I took it down

nukidesu said: hello :) actually i just that you shared the tracks in sim's i against a mini album too bad i was not able to hear it, is there a chance i can listen to it again? thanks!

Hi, if you click on my tumblr » the tracks should be playing there.


Hi guys, please help me to fill up this survey. It is a refined version of my previous survey. The survey is for my dissertation.

arti-fadelights said: Hello, can you share your audio tracks from "i against i" with me? You can send them on my email . Or you can suggest another way to share them. I hope for you)

Hi, I have placed the tracks in SCM music player on my tumblr, I will take the tracks down this Friday (or earlier). You can listen to the tracks while it’s still up . Sorry but I am not going to share it in other way than that.

Side note: DO NOT rip the tracks and post it on other places, tyvm.